When are you covered as an EA Member?

As a benefit of your Equestrian Australia membership (associated as an individual through your State Branch), you are covered under the following policies;
Personal Accident(Injuries you sustain)
Public & Product Liability(Liability for Third Party Property Damage & Personal Injury)

Equestrian Australia Member Insurance Program Overview

The Personal Accident cover provides protection 24 hours, 7 days a week in respect of

All hazards which a member is exposed to whilst engaged in non-income earning equestrian activities, excluding travel to and from such activities except for travel directly to and from events and club activities where that club holds the EA Club Insurance.

The Liability cover provides protection;

At all times whilst engaged in non-income earning equestrian activities.

The insurance is effective at the point your State Branch confirms your membership details and payment.

Contact your State Branch to obtain this membership