When are you covered as an EA club?

An EA Affiliated Club which elects to participate in the EA Club Insurance Programme is covered under the following policies;

Personal Accident(Injuries)
Public & Product Liability(Third Party Personal Injury and Property Damage)
Professional Indemnity(Errors & Omissions)
Management Liability(Administration)

In order to arrange affiliation, please contact your state branch.

In order to arrange EA Club Insurance, please contact the EA National Office.

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These policies cover the following Insured Persons;

  • Administrators, Directors, Officers, Employees
  • Voluntary Workers
  • Selectors
  • Medical Officers
  • Officials

And provides protection whilst the above persons are;

Whilst engaged in all organised activities connected with the sport for and on behalf of the Insured. This means whilst conducting equestrian activities which are:

  • Conducted in line with the Rules, policies and by-laws of Equestrian Australia
  • Conducted in line with the Club’s affiliation with EA and the State Branch
  • Included within the number of declared horse activity days when making their annual insurance declaration to Equestrian Australia.

Limitations apply to the nature of activities covered. For further information on the specific activities which can be covered, please Contact Gow-Gates.

Personal Accident Policy

The Insured Persons listed above are covered under the Personal Accident Policy whilst acting for and on behalf of the club. This does NOT include Club Members who are not EA Members, whilst riding/competing. The Policy is designed to provide protection to volunteers and officials working on behalf of the club.

For further information on the Personal Accident Policy, please click here.