I am teaching and instructing my students on stretching exercises to strengthen and prevent injuries and become more golf wise. Am I covered for these activities ?

Yes, teaching golf stretching and/or exercises are included in a golf professional’s normal activities as a teacher of golf subject otherwise to Policy terms & conditions.

I will be taking a tour of 24 people around several courses within Australia, the tour will involve accommodation, transport, meals and green fees on the courses. Am I covered if something happens to any of my travelling clients ?

The policy extends to cover the PGA Members’ (yours) liabilities in respect of the activities subject to all participants taking out travel insurance and subject otherwise to Policy terms and conditions.

As such, the policy will respond as long as you ensure all participants have Travel Insurance in place.

That said you would need to be held legally liable for any Property damage or injury for the policy to respond.

I am currently employed on a full time basis and I take time off in lieu for overtime which is when I conduct private golf coaching. Am I covered under your policy for liability and risk through my PGA membership?

Yes the General & Products Liability will extend to cover your coaching duties whilst you conduct private golf coaching.
As you are obviously still an active PGA Member, this cover is still afforded to you.

Would I be covered for insurance as a PGA member conducting an after school clinic on the school grounds ?

Yes the Policy extends to cover the PGA member’s liability in respect to the Kids clinic subject otherwise to Policy terms and conditions.

I am a restricted retired member and play in limited events throughout the year. I give the odd lesson here and there and want to know am I covered under the PGA policy.

If you are a member of the PGA (or temporary member) you are covered and have rights to claim under the PGA policy for actions brought against you.

I hold clinics at a leased driving range as well as at schools and shopping centres. Does this policy respond to their needs if they have action taken against them?

Principals liability is when as a result of the actions of the PGA member (i.e he/she orders a player to hit a ball into a brick wall, returns and injures the player) is found liable for injury and the principal (could be the property owner, driving range, club, school) is dragged into the suit , the PGA policy covers the principal in this regard – so only for the PGA members liability, not as a result of the principals negligence.  An example of the principals negligence – when the matting on a range is worn and badly fitted, causes injury.  Both the Member would be sued and the property owner (principal) but who’s responsibility is it if a claim occurs? Strong chance liability would rest with the property owner as it is their responsibility to provide a safe environment.