Certificate of Currency

You will often be required or requested to provide a Certificate of Currency in order to provide evidence of your Public Liability Insurance. This will usually be required by a Council if you hire grounds or other locations where you teach but could also be requested by other parties such as a school or shopping centre if you are looking to promote your services on their premises or conducting a clinic.

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Interested Party

Alternatively, if you need a Certificate of Currency with an Interested party noted, please input the details here. We will need to obtain the authority of the insurer to do this and may need to contact you for further information*.

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* Please note that generally the insurer will not agree to name another party on the policy without limitation. The policy does however automatically include the interest of additional parties as follows:

every principal, in respect of that principal’s vicarious or contingent liability for the acts or omissions of one of the Insured’s in the performance by them of work for that principal, but subject always to the extent of coverage and the Limit of Liability provided by this Policy;

A Certificate of Currency can be provided naming an interested party in line with the above.